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Accessories on Rabble Store

An accessory is something that is secondary, that depends on the main thing, or that is accidentally attached to it. The term refers to auxiliary vessels that are used to perform specific tasks or allow complementary activities of a machine.

An accessory is not usually used seamlessly; Instead, it is used only when the user needs a certain feature. For example: A scanner is an accessory on a computer and is effective when a person wants to digitize a type of document. The rest of the time, the scanner is not required for computer operation.

In the agricultural field it can be said that there are also various types of accessories. Thus, for example, we find the fact that every tractor has a series of elements of this type, called implements, which are used by the farmer at different times with the clear objective of carrying out each of the necessary activities. In other words, there will be accessories for tilling, watering, fertilizing or sowing.

In a car, the essential elements are the engine, the four wheels, the steering wheel, etc. Instead, the distress wheel, the signal triangles and the radio are accessories.

Pendants, hoops, bracelets, rings, certain scarves and hats, among others, are fashion accessories. These are products that are not essential for clothing, but fulfill a decorative or aesthetic function.

The accessory concept is also applied in architecture and urban planning. An accessory building is one that is adjacent to and dependent on another main one. On the other hand, the accessory rooms are low rooms that have a different entrance and a separate use from the rest of the main building.

This website presents a small number of accessories. Which is only computer related. Among them are: Card Readers, Cases, Covers, Chargers, Memory Cards, Power Banks, USB Flash Drive etc.

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