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Throughout history, artistic fishing has been one of the oldest and most important human ancestral activities for coastal peoples and has been practiced for thousands of years. Human food is based on products derived from this activity, becoming one of the main sources of animal protein and also made to obtain minerals and essential fatty acids, among others. There has long been a belief that the ocean is a source of infinite resources and that its vastness and high abundance and biodiversity can benefit human beings indefinitely. Thus, the need to use rational fishing methods was not felt, and the socio-environmental consequences of fishing activities were not considered. These lead to a sharp increase in fishing as well as improvements in gear and navigation techniques in addition to the presence of fishing vessels. And so, the full use of these resources and the development of excessive exposure occurred but this growth began to decline until it came to a standstill in the 1990s.

Fishing is a very important activity in an area where there is an abundance of aquatic resources, as the country is vast, it is an island and then is completely surrounded by water with the presence of important reservoirs or very abundant river basins, etc.

In order to continue the process of fishing, people can use different methods and resort to different tools. Today, the complex world we live in means that very primitive and manual forms of fishing coexist, with people in small communities fishing fish by fish in many different ways, and many more modern and complex forms with lots of equipment and large ships. Can hold fish and other aquatic animals or vegetables in large quantities.

This uncontrolled, excessive, and neglected catch for aquatic species is largely responsible for the various changes in the world’s aquatic environment, mainly due to the extinction of many species of fish or other animals that are caught in large nets and then discarded. The result is changed, the presence of aquatic insects, water pollution and the atmosphere, etc.

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