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A watch is an instrument that people usually use extensively to measure time in units: hours, minutes, and seconds. Although the main function of the clock is to measure time, so in our consultation it lets us know what time it is, the clock allows us to activate alarms at a specific time so that we do not forget to continue like this or measure any action or event, with the most outstanding.

Today the watch is everywhere, on our wrists, on computers, on audio equipment, on television, in public offices, on public transport, among others.

It should be noted that in addition to the functionality described above, the watch has become a luxury item because there are companies that have patented models that cost a few thousand dollars, while some of them have a clear symbol of ownership.

There is an important variety of watches, which, for personal use, can be mechanical or electronic, wrist or pocket and can be operated synchronously or digitally. The first indicates time by hand and the other by digital numbers.

Already a very small battery transmits the effects it puts into the system that it works.

The wristwatch is the most widely used format today, it consists of two straps that will be aligned with the wrist and its dial can also have a round, hexagonal, square or pentagonal design.

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